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Cipro is a prescription antibiotic that may be recommended for patients with a bacterial infection. You will need to be using this medicine when it has been established your condition was caused by bacteria and Cipro is likely to be efficient. Your doctor may prescribe Cipro for typhoid fever, gonorrhea, cystitis, chronic bronchitis, kidney infections, acute bronchitis, infective diarrhea, urethritis, pneumonia, sinusitis, infected ulcers, prostatitis, pelvic inflammatory disease or bacterial conjunctivitis. Cipro will work by killing the bacteria. It will strip the bacteria of the vital building material for the bacteria to rebuild its cell walls and multiply, which will help your immune system take over. You may not be able to be using Cipro if you have a history of an allergic reaction to moxifloxacin, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, gemifloxacin or levofloxacin. Since all those drugs belong to the same group of fluoroquinolones, there is chance you will have the same allergic reaction all over again and will not benefit from Cipro. Patients older than 60, as well as those with a history of kidney as well as lung or heart transplant should be especially careful when using Cipro because of the high risk of developing serious side effects.

In general, before you start the treatment, your doctor will need to examine you carefully and make sure you are going to benefit from using Cipro just as planned. You will have to let your doctor know if there are any things from your medical history that can be important to know before you start the treatment. Those things may include a history of allergic reaction to antibiotics, diabetes, joint problems, muscle weakness, heart rhythm disorder, trouble breathing, epilepsy, personal or family history of Long QT syndrome, seizures, kidney or liver disease or low levels of potassium. Your doctor will always need to know if you are using metoclopramide, celecoxib, steroid medications, blood thinners, meloxicam, phenytoin, glyburide, ropinirole, cyclosporine, diclofenac, ibuprofen, naproxen, theophylline, clozapine, methotrexate, probenecid or indomethacin, because there is a chance those drugs will cause interactions with Cipro and you will develop unpleasant reactions that could otherwise be avoided. If there are any other things you feel are important to mention to your doctor, you can feel free to do that as well.

Your treatment will have to be started the sooner the better. Your doctor will prescribe a specific dose of Cipro whish you will need to follow. There is chance you may feel better sooner than the treatment is over. You still have to carry on with your treatment, because improved symptoms may not mean the treatment is over and you can stop Cipro. You must never take a higher dose of Cipro, because you may develop urination problems, weakness, seizures, pale skin or blue lips and will have to seek emergency medical help. Make sure you wait for 2 hours after you took Cipro before you take mineral supplements with zinc, calcium or iron, antacids with magnesium, calcium or aluminum, any forms of didanosine or sucralfate, or do it at least 6 hours before. You can keep taking Cipro if you get such insignificant side effects as blurred vision, nausea, sleep problems, dizziness, vomiting, nervousness, agitation, anxiety or drowsiness, while more serious side effects like confusion, seizure, weakness, depression, loss of movement in any of your joints, numbness, easy bruising or bleeding, dark colored urine, tingling, watery or bloody diarrhea, hallucinations, unusual thoughts or behavior, fast heartbeats, severe dizziness, fainting, pale or yellowed skin, pounding heartbeats, skin rash, fever or urinating less than usual do need to be discussed right away.

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